Thank you for your interest in the College of Medical Arts Nursing Assistant Program!

The Application and Enrollment process is a THREE PART PROCESS which can start now online!

If you do not have the Adobe Reader installed on your computer, click on the link below to download and install it before continuing. Please turn off your Pop-Up blocker and do not use the 'Back' button while creating your application. Please enter the following information to get started with your application. Call the Admissions office (866) 623-1183 if you have questions about the application or problems with the website. Step 3: Step 2: Step 1: b. a. d. c. b. a. Get ready to start class! and order your uniform. Attend a CNA class Orientation to pick up your books bring in at the time of enrollment. to complete your enrollment paperwork. Prior to Orientation, meet with an Admissions Representative Print some additional pages to complete and Fill out Application Packet Pay $75 Application Fee – with Credit Card or Check. Take a Math and Reading Assessment Test Online

CMA On-Line Application Form

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Last Name * * * * * * * Zip State City Are you being sponsored by a company, nursing home facility or government agency for all or part of your tuition? Cell Phone Please indicate the CMA campus(es) you are interested in attending: If Yes, please enter name of sponsor here: Home Phone E-Mail Address First Name You may select more than one by holding down the Control key and clicking multiple items. At least one phone is required.