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What is CTKDEvents?

On the front end CTKDEvents allows athletes, coaches, and officials to register for tournaments. On the back end tournament directors have access to how many are in each division, can control how the divisions are sorted, athletes per school, and much more. The goal is to just choose a sort option (ie, CTKDEvents by default will sort athletes in each division so that they won't fight someone from the same school in the first bracket), then print the brackets the morning of the tournament.

CTKDEvents has been active for over 16 years now, and has extensive tools for running a tournament. All tools have been added on the suggestion of the tournament directors, and the programmer is a 6th Dan with tournament experience.

Want to use CTKDEvents?

Just email the webmaster with your account name and he will turn you into a director account. Once a director you may create your own tournament. You may choose from our current list of divisions (AAU, WTF, DAEDO, NASTA) or upload your own.

CTKDEvents charges $2 per athlete, $1 per coach (when coaches are being charged). This way the fee scales with the size of the tournament.

CTKDEvents recommends using Stripe.com for payment processing, although some directors preferr paypal or their own payment portal.

CTKDEvents now uses Stripe Connect to collect fees as the athlete registers. If using Paypal or accepting checks, CTKDEvents will send an invoice at the end of the tournament

CTKDEvents can run staging for you

CTKDEvents staff have upwards of 40 years combine experience running tournaments. If you would like to hire us to run your tournament staging email the webmaster. Most people who hire us have larger tournaments with 700+ competitors and would rather let someone else run staging. We have experience running National events. Typically travel and lodging is paid for us, along with a stipend for actually running the staging.

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